• Front end (Schematic Capture) to back end (PCB Design) capabilities along with Part/ Symbol/PCB Land pattern, Library creation and maintenance.
  • EDA tool migration & deployment to Mentor DxDesigner - Xpedition.
  • EDA tool translation (Cadence Allegro, PADS to Mentor DxDesigner - Xpedition)
  • Post processing that includes DRC Checks, check plots of all schematics, fabrication, assembly drawings and layout artwork in PDF, DXF and AutoCAD formats.
  • Gerber file generation, IDF files, neutral file, NC Drill data, IPC356 net list, XY component data (pick n place), ICT and test point generation for 100% testability.
  • Full documentation for fabrication and assembly.
  • High speed and complex surface mount designs that include backplane, VMEs, line cards as well as rigid-flex and flex designs.
  • Onsite PCB Design services as well as Offsite PCB Design & project management.

PCB Design/Library Tools:

  • Mentor DxDesigner - CES - Xpedition PCB (Pinnacle) EE7.9.X
  • PADS to Expedition & Expedition to PADS translator
  • Cadence Allegro to Mentor Expedition translator
  • LP Wizard 10.5
  • AutoCAD LT 2014
  • GC Prevue
  • ViewMate
  • Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

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